The Machine Translator

A guy with questionable language skills trying to boil the ocean by translating RPG Maker games from Japanese to English.

Known by a few names, here, The Machine Translator does what he never was ready to do: translate games. With less than sufficient language abilities, excessive use of online translators, and a bit of common sense, no gem hidden behind a language barrier shall be left undiscovered.

But in all seriousness now, I am by no means proficient in Japanese, I'm still learning a lot, and I'm aware my translations will not be perfect. But there is just so many cool free games that won't make it outside the Japanese audience otherwise.

Want to see a game translated? Let me know! Send me an e-mail, DM me on Twitter (I'm not gonna call it X unless they literally pay me to.), or message me on Discord; all of those you can find here!

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