Inner workings of the Machine

Why wasn't that on the navbar? Good question...

So... Who are you? Aaron? Triline? Something else entirely?

Nice to meet you, I'm most commonly known as triline; here I go by The Machine Translator; I'm not actually named Aaron, but I always preferred it to my real name. I'm a musician, a (still learning) gamedev, and now, also a translator! I live by the shore of the Baltic Sea (Hahah, now guess where exactly, I dare you.) pretty much since birth.

a drawing of me

I don't like sharing my photos on the net, so here's a little drawing of me made by my friend!
I hide a sizable beard behind this facemask.

Okay... But why are you even translating?

Because I like to! Really. I know it's a tedious process, I'm doing it after all. I also learn the Japanese language that way. I've been studying it on and off for a few years now, but never made any signifant progress; with this, I can finally see that I'm actually grasping some concepts. The last (but certainly not least) reason is: I just really want to bring some cool Japanese games to the international audience.

It all started when I played through Purgatory (Yes, the one from nama). When I found their Freem profile and saw that there are games that looked cool, but were never translated, it only seemed logical to me that if nobody did that yet, I might as well do it myself. So I did, and here we are!

Couple important mentions:
A now-retired fan translation group — Memories of Fear — has strongly inspired me to begin my own journey as a translator; it was them who made the English version of Purgatory, along with its sequel.

ManlyBadassHero (YT) is a youtuber who has played through a multitude of horror games, both made in RPGMaker and not. This man singlehandedly pulled me into the love for the unsettling, so huge props to him, because otherwise I'd be too terrified to touch anything scary.

That's all?

Yeah, mostly. But if you want some more stuff, here's a bit of rapid-fire:

Age? Enough to drink.
Eye color? Blue.
Brain? Smooth as marble.
Addictions? Energy drinks and rhythm games.
Rhythm games... you mean Osu? Just sit here, let me get a hammer real quick.
Money? Not enough to drink.
Favorite animal? Cat.
Favorite food? Dumplings.
Favorite anime? I refuse to answer this.
What will you do when your past uninevitably catches up to you? Fuck it, we ball.